Broken Basmati Rice India: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Broken Basmati Rice India: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Broken Basmati Rice India: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Basmati rice, a fragrant and long-grained rice popular in Indian cuisine, has long been associated with quality and luxury. However, its pure form can be expensive, making it inaccessible to many. One solution gaining popularity in India is broken basmati rice, a cost-effective alternative.

What is Broken Basmati Rice?

Broken Basmati rice is essentially identical to pure Basmati rice, except that the grains are broken during processing, resulting in shorter and less uniform grains compared to whole grains. Processing breaks the rice grains, causing them to lose their uniformity and length. However, they still have the same fragrant aroma and nutty flavor as pure basmati rice. The grading of broken basmati rice is based on the length of the grains, with 100% broken rice being the highest grade and 5% broken rice being the lowest grade.

Why is Broken Basmati Rice More Cost-Effective?

Pure basmati rice is a premium product that requires a lot of care and attention to grow and process. As a result of this meticulous cultivation, pure basmati rice is often expensive. However, broken basmati rice is considered a by-product of pure basmati rice. Due to the presence of broken grains, it is often sold at a lower price, as these grains are seen as less valuable.

However, the lower price of broken basmati rice does not necessarily mean it is of lower quality. In fact, many chefs and home cooks in India prefer broken basmati rice because it absorbs more water and cooks more quickly than pure basmati rice, making it easier to work with in the kitchen.

How to Use:

Broken basmati rice can be used like pure basmati rice, but it may need a different cooking method. To cook it, you’ll need to increase the ratio of water to rice since the broken grains absorb more. For 1 cup of broken basmati rice, you may need 2 cups of water instead of the usual 1.5 cups.

You can also use broken basmati rice in a variety of Indian dishes, such as biryani, pulao, and khichdi. The shorter grains of broken basmati rice are ideal for these dishes because they absorb more flavor from the spices and other ingredients.


Broken basmati rice has become a popular and cost-effective alternative to pure basmati rice in India.  If you’re looking for a more affordable option for basmati rice, consider giving broken basmati rice a try.

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