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 The Glimpse

The company has emerged into a food giant from a small-scale rice milling business in the year 1992, G.D. Overseas went under major transition when Mr. Darshan Lal with his two sons Tilak Makkar & Ajay Makkar realized the utmost importance of delivering the consistent high-quality rice. They set up the foundation stone of the big rice plant in Taraori, Haryana, India.

G.D Overseas Benchmark

In the journey of becoming the global food giant G.D. Overseas set various milestones. It underwent numerous breakthroughs to set the benchmark of global rice titan. Furthermore, it looks forward to touch the pinnacles of success with the uniqueness in the taste of rice. It enables us to scale the statures of prominence and reaching the heights with genuine taste of India.It was a small-scale unit until in 1993 they understood the significance of keeping up consistency in the superior quality of basmati rice they needed to carry forth to the people. They realized that it is a high time to turn their small-scale rice mills into a major stride and they set up their huge rice plant in Taraori, Haryana, India. This enormous step gave them a cutting edge in the rice industry slowly but surely, this made an impact on the minds of the people in the business. Furthermore, the ones who used to consume it began to keep the worth of it.

Our Global reach

In the lieu of liberalization, the year 1996 gave the opportunities to interact with the overseas patrons. It was a chance to bring forward the G.D. Overseas to the global platform giving a kick-start to the development of the small rice milling business. Since then, it turned into a mainstream Rice Exporters from India in the global front. It was the time when the company did not looked back.By the time 1996, this small-scale rice processing business developed considerably greater and it was no more a small business. It was the time when G.D. Overseas turned into a global enterprise. More people held hands with the Darshan Lal and Sons, which gave the organization a solid grasp in the international market and global recognition with world-class rice processing plants. The state of the art machinery and technology made things simple for the company growth.

Superior quality and finest packaging

The adaptation to the latest technology was the prime importance at the time of 1997. The focus was to set up and import best in class rice plant and machineries, respectively. With the revamping of machineries, the organization began keeping up the standards of superior quality at the plant and eventually at the industry level. Our vision is to source our strengths from the acclaimed geographical territories of India, where the best yields are developed. These harvests are intricately processed and arranged to draw out the superior taste, flavor, and aroma. The offerings are packed in such a manner that the rich and authentic Indian flavor stays in place for customers to delight, all across the globe. We have state of the art latest and most advanced rice processing plant with the milling sorting and colour sorting and packing facility of 25 metric tons per hour for 1kg packing lines to 50 kg packing lines.