Basmati is India’s greatest bestowal to the world of haute cuisine! We all know that rice is the main food item on almost everyone’s plate at the dining table, and if that rice turns out to be ‘Basmati’ then it’s the icing on the cake! Basmati rice, becomes the favorite of many people due to its flavor, aroma, and nutritional reasons. Basmati is a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice traditionally grown in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Basmati Rice is one of the national treasures, on par with saffron from Kashmir, tea from Darjeeling or pepper from Kerala. Although fragrant rice accounts for only 15.25% to 18% of the total transnational market, it commands the highest price of any variety of rice cultivated across the world. An international aromatic rice market gets monopolized by Thailand’s jasmine rice, but it is basmati rice that have lauded as the ‘queen of perfumed rice. Ever wondered what makes Basmati so extra special? After all, there are thousands of rice varieties over it.

Why is this Basmati only deserving special attention?

So, the real reason most of us crown Basmati so much, is the fragrance, the aroma. Basmati means ‘fragrance’ or ‘queen of fragrance’ in Hindi. It has a unique aroma that is readily recognizable. Its fragrance is nutty and sweet and is somewhat of a scent similar to fresh popcorn. Scientists have now sequestered the compound that gives Basmati, a unique fragrance. It is called 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline which is found in most rice varieties but has about a dozen times more of this compound than the other kinds. That is why its smell is so intense that it fills up the room & that accounts for all our childhood memories of the smell of freshly-cooked rice. According to an Ayurvedic treatise, back to the 15th century basmati is defined as sattvic. As, Sattvic foods are lightweight and easy to digest. They fetch the clarity of mind, give a feeling of contentment, and bring out love in people. The flavor complements most herbs, and the light and fluffy texture makes it a perfect pick for curries, soups, pilafs, and different saucy dishes. Basmati rice is an assurance that rice does not have to be a tedious side dish as it gives a subtle grand flavor to any feed. It is the perfect blank canvas to put your spin on any meal! While cooking basmati rice, the aroma of it may decrease, so soaking it for about 30 minutes before cooking aids in shorter cooking terms and preserves the aroma. It also has a floral scent, making it truly exceptional and versatile in nature. As, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and for a healthy body, you need to choose the best food. So, get Kiara Basmati rice with the best nutrients and a memorable taste. With Kiara rice, you can turn any meal into a masterpiece!

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