Alif Gold Premium Basmati Rice is a premium quality rice produced by GD Overseas, a trusted name in the rice industry. It is a variety of long-grain rice that is known for its distinctive aroma, delicate flavor, and fluffy texture when cooked.

The rice is carefully selected and processed to ensure that only the highest quality grains are used in each pack. It is aged for a minimum of 12 months to enhance its flavor and aroma.

This rice is perfect for special occasions and everyday meals alike, and is sure to impress your guests with its excellent taste and texture. It can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes such as biryani, pulao, fried rice, and more.

Alif Gold Premium Basmati Rice is also easy to cook, with a cooking time of only 15-20 minutes. It is also gluten-free and low in fat, making it a healthy choice for those looking for a nutritious option.

Overall, if you are looking for a premium quality basmati rice that is flavorful, aromatic, and easy to cook, then Alif Gold Premium Basmati Rice is a great choice.